[flash src="http://www.h3adlin3.com/flash/targetSight02.swf" width="500" height="400"]

Here’s something I made in Flash 5 (yeah, I’m behind the times) as an experiment in action scripting. First I did it just to see if I could get the target sight to respond to it’s distance from the center of the screen. Move the mouse to the left, and it spins clockwise, to the right and it spins counter-clockwise. And the spin speed is faster the further from the center of the screen.

Then I started working on dynamically calling the ships, moving them in random directions and speeds, increasing their speed and numbers by game level, and creating a destruction animation.

Oh, and the star background is randomly generated for each new game.

Pretty soon I realized I had a small game on my hands. So here it is.


Click on the start button, click on the ships to destroy them, repeat.

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