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Gaming Law #4 No Such Thing

Gaming Law #3 Your First Encounter

[flash src="" width="480" height="210"]
Just a test, and a taste of ‘Holy Christ!’ flash animation.

Gaming Law #2 Subsequent Tavern Visits

One of my current projects is an animated trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist! In Kevin Smith’s pod cast #52 (at the 40min 20sec mark), Kevin and Scott Mosier posit the idea of doing a movie based on the second coming of Christ, as if it were a Michael Bay production (ala Transformers). So [...]

Gaming Law #1 Your First Tavern Visit

I want
I want
I want
To feel good, just one more time.
I want you to make me feel good one more time.
I hurt so bad inside and only you
can make it better.
Just one more time.
Don’t pull away from me.
Don’t you love me anymore? Don’t you want me anymore?
Won’t you please make me feel good
Just one more time?
I [...]

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