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Archive for May 25th, 2010

It’s Rollback Hammer time!
I created two button designs that parody Walmart’s “It’s Rollback time.” campaign buttons that many associates have to wear in the stores.
First “It’s Hammer time.”:

Then “It’s Payback time.” (Thanks Corey)

And here’s the shops:
A parody of the Walmart ‘It’s Rollback time.’ buttons. Re-imaged with a fist out line, and ‘It’s Payback time.’ as [...]

These guys: have been going on and on about the horrors of the proposed expansion of the DeKalb county landfill. And now there are these ridiculous red yard signs cropping up all over town saying ‘no mega dump’ which, to me are a greater eye-sore than any dump. (Mainly because the dump is over [...]