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Name: 	Thomas A. Head
Address:	521 East Taylor St. Apt #4
	DeKalb, Il 60115
Email:	tom@h3adlin3.com

Status:	Part-time Freelance. I do have a regular job, but I am
	working towards becoming a freelance artist full-time,
	and I will always make time for assignments.

Recent Experience:
	~Chop Shirt, Cleaver Game, and V-Ice Shirt for Asspen Productions
	The Chop Shirt and V-Ice Shirt were both created with Photoshop.
	And the Cleaver Game was created using Macromedia Flash 5.
	Contact Wes Stephens of Asspen Productions if you have any 
	questions regarding the work I did for them.

	~Novus Shirt: for Novus Ordo Seclorum promo at GenCon 2002.
	Created the 'Novus' shirt using a combination of pen and ink
	drawing, and Photoshop™ for added drawing and layout. Contact
	Tony Messerges of N~O~S if you have any questions regarding
	the work I did for them.
	~And of course this web site ;) 

Medium:	Painting (Acrylic,  Watercolor),  Pen and Ink Drawing,
	Computer Generated Images.

	Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash 5, CorelDRAW and DREAM,
	and HTML Scripting.

Rates:	Illustration, Design:
	 Contact me about rates as they vary with rights purchased,
	complexity of the project, and numerous other factors.

Open the Secret-Door!

is the online store I developed to offer high quality prints of my artwork, as well as other cool items of my own design.

Featured Product:

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