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Here’s an adventure I created for the role playing game Kobolds ate my Baby:
KAMB Carnival of Terriers by Thomas Head (pdf 467kb)

Feel free to download it, check it out, and let me know what you think. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who actually runs this for their group, and has some constructive feedback.

Beginning revamp of website
Also working on the best way to do a gallery of my art. Not having a lot of luck with the plugins on the back end.

A Response to the LA Times OPED piece by Jonah Goldberg, or more accurately the comments left on the sight.
What if the company you work for was told it had to have its workers volunteer in the community for 50 hours each year or the government would take (tax) the corporate profits by an additional [...]

I was almost killed by a 24 oz bottle of Diet Code Red Tonight.
I picked up a six pack while shopping, and when I got home I figured it would be nice to have a cold one around dinner time so I popped one in the freezer. I placed it in the door rack, on [...]