And you thought your job sucked.

Vote at Top Web Comics to get a special Valentine's day pin-up of Luanda. Buzz Comic version comming soon!

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Hard Salami, January 14th, 2007 Damned if you do....

Tom Head

January 14th, 2007

I finally have a voting incentive up at Top Web Comics (Buzz Comics version coming soon.)
It's Luanda in a sexy Valentine's Day pin-up. It's a huge pic, sutible for printing and hanging above your bed, or on your cubicle wall. Although it may be considered NSFW. But you gotta vote for the Salami to see this exclusive pic!

Check out:www.cafepress.com/hardsalami and www.cafepress.com/fted. And buy something already! The holidays may be over, but if you didn't get what you wanted, you can buy it from us!


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'Hard Salami'?
What the fuck?:

After years in retail, mostly behind a deli counter, and often for companies that treat their employees like cattle, and customers who treat them like shit, my brain sqeezed out 'Hard Salami'. Call it artistic expression, call it the screams of the damned, call it crap. I don't care. You'd be wrong, but I just don't really give a rat's ass. If you're lucky you'll see a new one of these every Sunday. But if not, I don't want to read your bitching. So if you want to write anything other than a bitch-fest of an email send it to:

I've taken down the begging box. So why don't you click on a voting button to show your love for the Salami?

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