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Anton isn't lazy. He just puts forth what he perceives as a $6.50/hr effort. They pay him more, he'll work harder. But for now they can take their shit wage and shove it back up the ass it came from. Anton is where Derek was five years ago: 18, about to start college, and working a part-time job for spending money. He finds Derek's situation kinda funny, and doesn't see having the same problem finding work with an MBA, but damn if alot of the stuff he reads about these days doesn't have him a little worried. Still he likes Derek, mainly because he's one of the few people behind the counter he doesn't get that "closet klansman" vibe from. Anton is thinking about looking for another job, but in this peckerwood town, he doubts anywhere else will be much different.

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Bertha is from Texas, and had moved up here because of her husband's job. Now ten years later he finds someone younger, divorces her, and moves back to Texas. So Bertha's found herself over the poverbial barrel, and running out of cash quick (it didn't take long for the alimony payments to dry up after Frank moved back to Texas. The lawyer says she should sue him.) So she applied at SAVE-TONS and ended up in the deli, even though she had put 'garden center' where it asked 'desired position' on her aplication (Bertha liked flowers.) (Incidentally the thought to write down 'doggie style' popped into her mind, but she never seriously considered writing that in, atleast not for more than a second.) So here she is at the time of her life where she was looking forward to Frank's retiring, so that they could go places like they always talked about, working at a job she didn't want, dumped by a man who didn't want her. To say Bertha is bitter would be an understatement.

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Derek is in a rut. He just graduated from college and is looking for work that actually has something to do with what he just spent the last five years of his life studying for: computer programing. Unfortunately what seemed like a smart career choice five years ago, has turned into a dried up old hag of a job market. So with the need to pay rent and bills ever present, Derek decided to switch to full-time hours at his 'temporary' gig at SAVE-TONS. On somedays Derek can actually feel his soul dying, and lately those days seem to be occuring with greater frequency.

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Jerry has been a deli guy for 15 years. He worked for a mom and pop grocier until they went bust (coincedently within a year of the SAVE-TONS' coming to town.) He then applied to and got a job at said SAVE-TONS, like everyone else who worked for that other store. After six years he's one of the few remaining people left from that transfer of personel, heck of even the original staff of the whole store. But that's retail for ya, low wages = high turnover. Jerry's been working the system though, always hinting (or outright asking) for the between reviews 'above and beyond the call of duty' raises. As well as getting an advance copy of whatever flavor of the month review qualifications his annual raise would be based on, and working to make sure his supervisor noticed him exemplifieing those qualities atleast three months before his review was due. So now he's sitting pretty sweet as far as wages go (if these young punks knew how much he made, they'd shit their pants!) But now he's got his eye on the Deli Supivisor job (their last supivisor having been promoted to Deli Manager in a store in Kentucky), an hourly position (salary's for chumps) with a raise and serious overtime. Its just that he's been getting the feeling he's being passed over, cause it's been months since Mike was transfered, no one's talking, and the store manager hasn't even made eye contact with him lately.

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