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[flash src="" width="480" height="210"]
Just a test, and a taste of ‘Holy Christ!’ flash animation.

One of my current projects is an animated trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist! In Kevin Smith’s pod cast #52 (at the 40min 20sec mark), Kevin and Scott Mosier posit the idea of doing a movie based on the second coming of Christ, as if it were a Michael Bay production (ala Transformers). So [...]

Here’s something I made in Flash 5 (yeah, I’m behind the times) as an experiment in action scripting. First I did it just to see if I could get the target sight to respond to it’s distance from the center of the screen. Move the mouse to the left, and it spins clockwise, to the right and it spins counter-clockwise. And the spin speed is faster the further from the center of the screen.